Amendment to Lithuanian Labour Code: new obligation for employers

Since 27 July 2019 employers must indicate the proposed remuneration in job advertisements

After an amendment to Article 25 of the Lithuanian Labour Code (LC) came into force on 27 July 2019, employers must provide information on the amount or range of the proposed base remuneration (hourly or monthly rates) in job advertisements. This information should be indicated in job ads regardless of where these are posted, e.g. on job posting portals, a company website, social networks, or elsewhere. One of the main purposes of the amendment as presented by the legislator is to strengthen the bargaining position of potential employees.

Despite the aim, companies may specify a sufficiently wide range of proposed salary and (or) after the recruiting process agree with a new employee on a different wage than specified in the job posting without breaching their new obligation. However, employers should also keep in mind that the amount of the proposed salary should be consistent with the company’s remuneration system if such a system is in operation.

A company that fails to comply with the new requirement to indicate the salary in the job ad, the manager of the company or other responsible person may be fined from EUR 80 to EUR 880. In reality, enforcement will depend on the current resources and initiative of the State Labour Inspectorate, which is responsible for compliance of labour laws, in punishing violators of the new LC norm. 

Source: Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania of 14 September 2016. Register of Legal Acts, 19 September 2016, No. 23709.

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