Fewer obligations for employers

Lithuania: Labour law reforms reduce administrative workload.

As of 1 July 2014 an amendment to the Lithuanian labour code applies to reduce administrative costs for employers and leave them bigger scope in labour related matters and agreements with employees.

From now on, the employer’s obligation to maintain a register of work contracts ceases to apply. So does the duty to provide each staff member with an employee ID-card. Previous form requirements on conclusion of contracts of employment and recording of working hours are dropped in future, too.

The amendment also simplifies the rules on official announcement of working schedules. So far, these had to be publicly displayed on a company’s notice board. Now this can be done otherwise and may also be part of a collective agreement.
The way in which the employer must inform employees about wages and hours worked is also updated. From now on, this can be in writing or in electronic form and communicated to employees every month if not stipulated otherwise.

Source: TAR, 2014, Nr. 2014-07395.

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