Environmental Law

The growing concern for environment protection at both national and international levels (to include the EU) is associated with the necessity to ensure compliance with environmental protection law in almost every business industry. Do not hesitate to entrust these complex and multi-disciplinary problems to our experienced team of professionals.

From investment planning through environmental issues connected with business activity, to representation during inspections and in proceedings before authorities and courts, our experts in environmental law accompany clients to ensure their compliance with the constantly changing legal environment.

We think outside the box and provide professional support, using our extensive experience to find tailored and safe solutions for every environmental issue. When needed, we represent our clients before both environmental authorities and administrative courts.


Main legal advisory fields of Environmental Law

  • Advice and representation at all stages of investment process, from spatial planning to start of operations
  • Environmental impact assessment, proceedings with public participation
  • Advice on obtaining and amendment of decisions, permits (to include IPPC), concessions and licences, assignment of rights and obligations resulting thereof
  • Advice and representation in proceedings before authorities, during inspections and in proceedings before administrative courts and common courts
  • Audits, due diligence surveys, assessment of environmental law issues during M&A transactions
  • Legal opinions concerning provisions of environmental protection law and their impact on business activity
  • Advising in fire protection law issues
  • Legal advisory to SEVESO lower-tier and upper-tier establishments
  • Liability for environmental pollution or environmental damage, including historical contamination
  • Fees and penalties for use of the environment
  • Support in reporting and registration obligations
  • Drafting and review of contracts with an environmental protection link
  • Support of production facilities and retailers with regard to regulations on packaging waste, sup and deposit system