Sourcing, Commercial and Trade

A critical determinant of success for companies lies in the qualitative, reliable, cost-efficient and timely sourcing of goods and services. In addition to mastering the technical and pricing parameters, the legal structure of the supplier relationship plays a key role here. Martin Neupert and his sourcing and purchasing team, in collaboration with colleagues across all bnt locations, have been actively engaged in addressing these issues for many years and in a variety of ways, for example by drafting general purchasing conditions, negotiating individual sourcing contracts for specialized machinery, managing tenders, formulating price clauses, and conducting purchaser training as part of in-house seminars.

For many years, Martin Neupert and other lawyers from bnt have served as the back office for all legal matters concerning purchasing at BME – Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik. With nearly 10,000 member companies representing an annual procurement volume of EUR 1.25 trillion, BME stands as the largest professional association dedicated to sourcing and purchasing.

Thanks to this expertise, Martin Neupert’s team and his colleagues at all bnt locations in Central and Eastern Europe possess profound understanding of all legal matters pertaining to sourcing and purchasing.