Public Procurement

Public sector remains one of the key purchasers of goods and services, stimulating development and competitiveness of the market. At the same time procurements organized by the public entities and bodies falling under the very formal public procurement regulations are often large scale and unique projects of material financial values, like design and construction of new roads, railways, energy, marine or air traffic infrastructure, crucial IT solutions, telecommunication or defence and military goods, healthcare sector deliveries, etc.

Our expertise extends to entrepreneurs and public sector entities across various industries, including construction, energy, IT, telecommunications, defence, healthcare, and more. We provide assistance throughout all stages of procurement proceedings to successfully achieve the goal of obtaining and executing the procurement contract. Our tailored advice is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and business objectives.


Main legal advisory fields of Public Procurement

  • Advising contracting authorities on, among other things, the development of bidding strategies and preparation of ToRs
  • Advising contractors on the preparation of tender documents (consortium agreements, bids, requests for admission to bidding, offers, explanations of the price calculations)
  • Advising on negotiating contracts with public entities and possible amendments to the contracts already concluded
  • Representation and assistance in appeal processes and disputes
  • Advising in the course of implementation of public procurement contracts, including with regard to dispute resolution or out-of-court settlements;
  • Advising in PPP projects
  • Support in public tenders and transactions for the sale of land and shares in companies with State Treasury or public entities
  • In depth knowledge of national and European legal regulation framework


Explore the possibilities with bnt for a legal partnership ensuring success and integrity in your public procurement matters.