The global defence industry deals with complex, high technology products of strategic importance and is crucial to national security. Our experience with handling some of the major recent defence deals in the area allows us to provide advice that will help your company to reach the next success.

Working in defence industry requires understanding the inner-workings of both business and government, and adjusting to the strict industry and confidentiality regulations. Due to long-term experience working for some of the top global companies in the sector, our dedicated team of attorneys lives up to all expectations of this sensitive industry.

From procurement announcement and preparing the necessary formal documentation, through negotiation process to closing and executing the contract and industry dispute resolution, we will guide you through all the ambiguities of the local procurement procedure and help you develop the most efficient strategies to reach public contracting opportunities, including, but not limited to contracts concerning sales, operation, maintenance and management of security systems and equipment. Thanks to our deep industry knowledge and expertise, we deliver reliable legal advice also in respect of any aspect of establishing and operating in this field in the CEE.


Main legal advisory fields of Defence

  • Negotiations of commercial and public contracts
  • Single source governmental sales
  • Public procurement governmental sales
  • Advice regarding production and sales of weapons and military equipment
  • Regulatory advice regarding Permits, licenses, concessions
  • Protection of classified and confidential information
  • Security clearance
  • Export control
  • National security