Packagings deposit system – work in progress

Poland: After eight months of consultations, a next step is taken in legislative process.

After eight months of public consultations and departmental and administrative arrangements, the draft law introducing a universal deposit system for packagings into Polish law – went to the work of the Committee for European Affairs within the government. At each stage, dozens of letters were received from stakeholders, with comments concerning, among other things, the inclusion or not of reusable glass packaging or milk beverage packaging in the deposit system, the voluntary participation of entrepreneurs in this system, or the introduction of a single deposit for all its operators.

The main objective is to reduce the consumption of plastic and to implement Directive 2019/904. The main idea is to shift the obligation, but also the initiative, to set up deposit systems to entrepreneurs – and to abandon centralisation in this respect. Time will tell in what shape the bill will reach the parliament.

Completion of the government’s work was originally planned for the turn of the third and fourth quarters, but in view of everything that has been happening this year – legislative work inside the government is now at step 7 of 14. Although the deadline for implementation of the directive passed in July 2021, the European Commission only recently called on a dozen member states to present any steps taken for its implementation whatsoever.


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