Five-day visa-free stay in Belarus

Belarus: From 12 February 2017 citizens of 80 countries will be allowed to stay in Belarus without a visa for up to five days.

Visa-free entry and departure apply, for example, to citizens of European Union countries (also to non-citizens from Latvia and stateless persons from Estonia), the USA, Switzerland, Japan etc.

Under the scheme, arrival and departure should be though the border checkpoint at Minsk National Airport. Foreign citizens must produce a passport (or other document for travel abroad), medical insurance valid in Belarus with a coverage of at least EUR 10 000 for the whole period of their stay, as well as have money in the amount of two basic values for each day of their stay (approx. EUR 22 a day).

Further requirements apply to citizens of China, Vietnam, Haiti, India, Gambia, Honduras, Lebanon, Namibia, and Samoa. They should have a valid multi-visa to EU states or the Schengen area with a mark confirming entry to their territory and a return flight ticket with a confirmed departure date.

Source: National legal Internet portal of the Republic of Belarus (NLIP) 11.01.2017, 1/16855

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