Computerised healthcare?

Lithuania: E-prescription: greater comfort, fewer mistakes?

November 2015 has brought long-awaited changes to Lithuanian healthcare systems. As of 2 November, it is possible to prescribe and use electronic prescriptions (“e-prescriptions“). In this way Lithuania stands alongside Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, which are already using the e-prescription system.

E-prescriptions may be used to obtain medicines in nearly 75 % of the country’s pharmacies. When prescribing drugs, doctors may search for medicines in the system under a specific drug name as well as under the common name of the substance. In addition, the system allows doctors to see whether the patient has bought medicines prescribed by e-prescription.

The e-prescription system is expected to help prevent prescription of the same or similar drugs and will enable more rational prescription and use of drugs.

The e-prescription system allows the patient to see, for example, the medicines prescribed as well as related information on use. Under e-prescription only the patient or their authorized representative may be given prescribed medicines. Identity must be proved by submitting identity documents.

In 2014 Lithuania launched the e-health system, which had been under development for more than a decade. The system is of great importance to doctors, patients and pharmacists.

E-prescription is a subsystem of the electronic healthcare system administered by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry is registered with the State Data Protection Inspectorate as a data controller for sensitive personal data (i.e. on health) and must ensure proper personal data protection.

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