Lithuania allows refugees from Ukraine to start work immediately

The Lithuanian Minister of the Interior has issued a decree that eases the conditions of employment for people who have fled Ukraine.

Ukrainian citizens, their family members and stateless persons residing in Ukraine who have left Ukraine for Lithuania no longer have to obtain a work permit or wait for a decision by the Lithuanian Labour Agency (Užimtumo tarnyba) on compliance of the foreigner’s work with the needs of the Lithuanian labour market.

This applies both to foreigners who are exempt from the visa requirement or who have a residence permit or a (Schengen) visa on humanitarian grounds, and to asylum seekers. The latter are already entitled to work from the time of registration of their asylum application.

In addition, persons entering Lithuania from Ukraine may be exempted from the obligation to possess a valid travel document, health insurance and other documents entitling them to enter and stay in the Republic of Lithuania, as well as from the requirements for issuing national visas or residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania, if they cannot or could not fulfil these requirements for objective reasons. They are then issued a certificate of registration as an alien until the issue of their legal status in the Republic of Lithuania is resolved.

The issuance of visas or residence documents as well as examination of applications is free of charge for these persons.

In addition, these foreigners have the right to receive emergency medical assistance and other necessary personal health services free of charge. The costs are borne by the Lithuanian health insurance fund.

Decree on the issuance of national visas, temporary residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania, alien registration certificates, the right of aliens to work in the Republic of Lithuania and health care services 28 February 2022 No 1v-145


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