The era of digital courts arrives in Hungary

New System of Customer Access to documents to be introduced in Hungarian courts

Access to documents will be electronic too, which means, customer will enjoy rapid, free online access 0-24 to all documents in their ongoing cases. For the sake of customer-friendly electronic administration and electronic communications to courts, court records will be put into E-Akta form to ensure electronic access to court documents.

During the ongoing test run, feedback is checked, and then from 1 January 2020 the system will be in use in all courts. The obvious advantage of digitalization is that parties are able to access court papers with maximum comfort even from home. Since customers themselves will have access to documents about them, there will no longer be a need for an intermediary attorney, while lawyers will be able to avoid time-wasting travel to court.

Digital access will be available for everyone who already had access at all: first and foremost for the parties and their legal representatives. However, for those who wish to stick to the traditional paper-based access to documents with personal attendance, this will also be possible under the present rules. Restricted data is still exception to the main rule, because protection of such confidential data is granted later on.

In the first place, accessing documents will require an Ügyfélkapu registration, and then enter the Kormányzati Azonosítási Ügynök (KAÜ) interface. After that, filing a request for online access to documents takes only a couple of minutes, because the whole process is quick and automatic.

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