Romania: Sports betting and gambling advertising online

The advertising of sports betting and gambling in the online realm poses a significant challenge due to the rapid growth of the industry and the extensive reach of internet-based promotions. Despite ongoing legislative efforts aimed at restricting advertising in these sectors and imposing stricter conditions on promotional materials, current regulations permit such advertising, provided it complies with specific legal provisions.

Online platforms frequently showcase separate advertisements for various gambling and sports betting services or products. However, not all these advertisements meet the minimum requirements outlined in national guidelines for combating and preventing gambling addiction. Certain prohibitions exist within the current legislation, such as the dissemination of unsolicited electronic messages containing information about games of chance.

The legal framework governing the online promotion of sports betting and gambling establishes several principles and conditions:

Licensing and Compliance: Advertising by gambling organizers is permitted exclusively on a national level and must adhere to the principles outlined in applicable legal rules, particularly those outlined in G.O no. 77/2009. These principles include safeguarding minors, ensuring the integrity and transparency of operations, preventing criminal activities, and implementing programs to address gambling addiction.

Display of Licensing Information: Advertising materials must prominently feature the license number held by the gambling organizer, along with other required elements mandated by law. Additionally, clear indications of the prohibition of minors’ participation in gambling must be included, utilizing visual symbols and the Romanian National Gambling Office (Romanian abbreviation ONJN) logo.

Prior Approval from Regulatory Bodies: Organizers of gambling activities must obtain prior approval from the ONJN for advertising on third-party websites. The approval process entails submitting detailed information about the activity, including prize details and mechanisms for determining winners, in accordance with the 2016 Methodological Norms.

While the online promotion of sports betting and gambling continues to thrive, it remains contentious due to concerns about its societal impact, particularly regarding addiction and exposure of minors. Legislative efforts to regulate advertising in this sector persist, focusing on safeguarding vulnerable groups and upholding transparency and integrity within the industry.

The current legal framework emphasizes the significance of licensing and compliance with advertising principles for gambling operators. Advertising materials must prominently display the organizer’s licensing information and warnings about underage participation. Furthermore, obtaining approval from regulatory bodies such as the ONJN  is mandatory for advertising on third-party platforms.

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