Romania: New measures to support Ukrainian citizens in Romania

The humanitarian, economic and social crisis created by Russian military aggression in Ukraine since 24 February 2022 has escalated far beyond Ukraine’s borders. That is why Ukraine’s international partners have joined forces in order to help. They seek to support Ukrainian citizens who leave their country in search of a new homeland that will take them in for a shorter or longer period – currently undefined and entirely unstable.

Romania, a neighbouring state of Ukraine, is among the international partners influenced by this extraordinary situation which cannot be postponed, offering clear and concrete measures to support Ukrainian citizens crossing their borders.

1.Medical services and medicines from the state budget

With the entry into force of Emergency Ordinance no. 15/2022 on 27 February, foreign citizens and stateless persons coming from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and entering Romania are granted the right to food, medicines, personal hygiene materials and medical assistance without having previously applied for any form of international protection. The expenditure generated by these measures will be provided from state budget funds.

Moreover, these persons benefit under the Emergency Ordinance from the same rights and services as Romanian insured persons, without payment of a social health insurance contribution.

In order to benefit from these rights and medical services, persons coming from the conflict zone must present to medical service providers a valid document accepted by the Romanian state for crossing the state border. According to the Order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs no. 1124/2015, this document is a passport.

The Ordinance also provides for measures to protect and promote the best interests of the child. All foreign citizen children coming from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine and entering the territory of Romania unaccompanied by their parents or legal representatives will benefit from the special protection that Law no. 272/2004 offers to all Romanian citizen children.

Last but not least, in relation to the measures adopted to combat and prevent the epidemiological situation in Romania, persons coming from the area of armed conflict in Ukraine are exempted from the obligation to fill in the digital entry form for Romania.

2.Jobs without work permit

The National Employment Agency announced new measures to support Ukrainian citizens in a press release dated 28 February.

According to the press release, Ukrainian citizens wishing to work in Romania do not need a work permit for a period not exceeding 9 months in a calendar year.

In order to benefit from full protection under the Romanian social system, employees can also apply for a form of international protection within the meaning of Directive 2011/95/EU on the international protection of foreign nationals and stateless persons. Specifically, they can apply for refugee status, which would allow them to benefit from medium and long-term employment incentives.


In the hope of alleviation of the armed conflict and mitigation of its negative humanitarian impact, the bnt Gilescu Văleanu & Partners team remains available free of charge for any further details and clarifications.

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