E-Procurement: transition to compulsory electronic procurement

The electronic public procurement system (EDF) is in force from 15 April 2018


Harmonisation background:

In accordance with EU directives, each Member State should ensure electronic communication in public procurement by 18 October 2018. By implementing the EDF, Hungary fulfils this expectation. It should be emphasized, however, that the law on public procurement has not changed, only the interface has changed from offline to online: from paper-based to internet.

E-Procurement aims:

The aim of e-procurement is to enhance transparency of procurement, streamline procedures, simplify procedural order, reduce administrative burdens and promote public procurement control.

Required migration:

As from 1 January 2018, the use of the EDF was only optional but it is mandatory from 15 April 2018: thus both contracting entities – buyers and bidders – are obliged to take part in public procurement in Hungary only after electronic registration with the EDF,. Registration must be by an individual, who then assigns it to an organization. The registrant is a private individual, a so-called „super user“ who can decide which persons within the organization they register and with what kind of authorization they can participate in public procurement procedures.

Using the EDF:

As a registered user, an economic player may freely participate in and bid on any public procurement. In the case of certain procedures, the participant or tenderer will then be able to complete only the declarations and forms set out in the contracting authority’s tender or in the procurement document. Accordingly, only parts of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) will be offered only for EDFs to be filled in by the contracting authority in advance.

Practical experience:

In view of the large number of organizations and economic players registered just before the final deadline, the practical side of EDF use is limited. There are currently 2062 procedures in the EDF, of which 372 are in the contract completion phase, and a public procurement procedure has not yet been completed.


The electronic address of the official interactive platform is: ekr.gov.hu

Source: Government decree no. 424/2017 (XII. 19.) on the detailed regulations of the e-procurement

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