»We help clients achieve their goals more efficiently.«

Tomas Behounek, Partner, Czech Republic about bnt’s home advantage. 


Behounek bnt broschure opt


Q: A new brand design often indicates a change in strategy. Is that also the case for bnt?

A: No. As a company and brand we are now in a different league compared to two or three years ago. Of course we want to present this inner strength to those who see us from the outside.

Q: How would you describe today’s bnt compared to other law firms in the region?

A: For some other law firms, Central and Eastern Europe is just one of many locations. In contrast, for us Central and Eastern Europe is where we live. With ten of our own offices in capital cities in the region, we have a presence here like hardly anyone else. We are located near our clients, speak the region’s languages and are familiar with its cultural and legal idiosyncrasies. Combined with our international experience, that is a huge advantage for our local and international clients.

Q: To what extent?

A: Imagine a guide who knows a region and the people who live there like the back of their hand. That’s us. At bnt, we think and act like businesspeople. We understand our clients’ business, goals and languages, and lead them to commercial success in Central and Eastern Europe in the most direct way possible. And we’ve been doing so for years.

Q: So efficiency is a kind of bnt trademark?

A: Yes. As one of the leading international law firms in Central and Eastern Europe, we provide the highest quality advice on all commercial law-related issues. But clients expect that. We provide added value through a decentralised structure and our ten partner-led offices in the capital cities of Central and Eastern Europe. If I’m a client, it makes a difference whether an expert is essentially “flown in” for me, or if I am personally advised by a bnt partner who thinks like a businessperson, has lived in the region for years, and is deeply familiar with it. This helps me achieve my goal more directly and efficiently. And that pays off for our clients.

Q: Have people already reacted to the new bnt brand design?

A: We presented the new design internally and our employees were enthusiastic about it. They were able to identify with it fully. We are now passing this enthusiasm straight on to our clients.

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