Modernization of Lithuanian Zoo in Kaunas

An optimistic future for the unmodernized Lithuanian Zoo.

The Kaunas City Council has approved a detailed plan for modernization of the city zoo. According to the Ministry of Environment, which is the acting manager of the building, this decision opens the way for EUR 11.5 million EU financial support.

According to the company “Project Training centre”, which performed a feasibility study on the zoo’s modernization, modernization would require an injection of EUR 29 million. The EUR 11.5 million is just for the first step.

Kaunas zoo houses some 2020 animals, many of them belonging to endangered species. The zoo is a candidate for membership of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, involved in the European breeding programme of rare and endangered animals.

Area os zoo: 15.6 ha.

No significant dates indicated.

Executed by: Kaunas City Council, Ministry of Environment

Value est.: EUR 11.5 million.

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