Modernization of Detention Facilities

 A Public-Private Partnership to modernize detention facilities in Lithuania.

In July 2014 the Lithuanian Government approved a new detention facilities modernisation programme with a scheduled deadline for 2022. The programme involves construction of a new detention facility on the outskirts of Vilnius and construction of new detention facilities in Šiauliai, Klaipėda and Panevėžys on a PPP basis.

As to timing, the Vilnius detention facility, with 1620 beds (29 000 m2), will be the first to tender out. It is expected that a new detention facility near Vilnius will be built and the inmates currently held in Lukiškės prison (located in the city centre) will be moved out. After this project, the next project in the pipeline is Šiauliai detention facility, with 800 beds.

The government is prepared to invest a large portion of budget funds, but private co-investors are also sought. Any interested investors are invited to join the government in investing their funds and executing the project as a PPP. The plan is for the partnership to last for 22 years, during which the private partner will develop and maintain the infrastructure and the government, in return, will pay an annual fee of EUR 13 million. After the partnership, the government takes over ownership of the infrastructure.

Executed by: Ministry of Justice; Lithuanian Prison Department. 

Value est.: EUR 40 million for the new facility in Vilnius; ≈ EUR 290 million for the whole programme.

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