From now on foreigners may be hired for seasonal work in Lithuania

Lithuania: Changes to the Law on Legal Status of Foreigners mean that as of 1 May foreigners may be hired for seasonal work more quickly and easily.

Businesses may now take advantage of simplified employment procedures for foreigners after a change in the procedure for issuing work permits. The amendments are extremely advantageous to employers.

The essence of seasonal work is to perform tasks within a particular deadline. Employers can now hire persons living abroad for seasonal work if emigration leads to lack of local workers.

Imagine, you decide to take advantage of this opportunity. First of all, you must establish if the work to be offered to the foreigner can be defined as seasonal work.

What is “seasonal work”? If work is related to seasonal conditions or to events or activities occurring in particular periods, then assess whether the number of employees required is more than for ordinary activities.

Additionally, the activities assessed must be included in a list of seasonal work approved by the Minister of Social Security and Labour. Currently, the changes could benefit companies performing activities on the list, for example agricultural production, where foreigners could be invited for work such as harvesting, reaping, picking, forestry, interior finishing work in unheated premises, fishing, production of soft drinks in companies not operating the whole year, sale of ice cream, food, printing and industrial goods outside, and the like.

Seasonal work must not last more than six months a year. This term may be divided into several shorter periods within any twelve months.

To hire foreigners for seasonal work, all the conditions listed below must be met.

Firstly, no employee in Lithuania is suitable for seasonal work.

Secondly, the foreigner lives mainly outside Lithuania.

Thirdly, an employment agreement for seasonal work may be concluded only between the foreigner and the Lithuanian employer directly.

Fourthly, the foreigner must own, lease or otherwise lawfully use residential premises.

Fifthly, the specific work is on the list of seasonal work.

The simplified conditions aim to allow foreigners to come to Lithuania for seasonal work and earn money. This could solve problems of seasonal businesses due to higher demand for employees in busy periods. A general positive influence on the Lithuanian economy is expected. Hopefully, the amendments will have a variety of positive effects.

Source: Law on Legal Status of the Foreigners of 29 April 2004 No IX-2206 (as amended and supplemented on 1 May 2017)

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