Lithuania: Donation of 3450 EUR to summer camp for autistic children

During the 2022 annual meeting of bnt attorneys in CEE „Bringing neighbours together“ donations were collected for the Lithuanian autism association „Lietaus vaikai“.

At the end of May, the whole of our law firm bnt attorneys in CEE team met in Vilnius / Lithuania for our annual meeting.

The meeting offered all colleagues not only the opportunity to discuss common projects, share their experiences and knowledge about the legal framework of their country in different practice groups, but also to get to know each other better.

The aim of this year’s meeting, which was held under the motto „Bringing neighbours together“, was not only to meet all our colleagues from our 10 Eastern and Central European offices, but also to get to know these „neighbours“ who are not directly related to our firm. Among the „neighbors“ we had chosen the restaurant „Pirmas blynas“, the social initiative „SOPA“ and the organization „Lietaus vaikai“. We want not only to meet with these „neighbours“ once, but also to build a lasting friendship with them.

During our lunch in the restaurant „Pirmas blynas“ we could experience the positive atmosphere of the restaurant and enjoy delicious pancakes, as well as contributing to the activities of this restaurant, which employs only people with disabilities.

Another „neighbour“, social employment agency „SOPA“, provided our guests with beautiful souvenirs and bracelets made of paracord. With the „Share the Light“ bracelet, we were able to support those with few opportunities for employment. As SOPA itself says, this bracelet is a great hope for our artisans to feel safe, work, and use their talents in meaningful ways.

Working as a team, our office staff painted pictures, which we presented to each other and auctioned off during our evening event.

The auction aimed to raise funds for our third „neighbour“, the Lithuanian Autism Association „Lietaus vaikai“. These funds will be used for their summer camp on the Baltic Sea for 100 autistic children. The association unites and helps children, adults and their families living with autism through various activities. „Lietaus vaikai“ is also dedicated to education about autism, carries out projects and forms a large community of people confronted with autism.

Many of the bnt offices actively contributed to the summer camp:
– bnt Lithuania supported the project with 650 EUR;
– bnt Slovakia contributed 520 EUR;
– bnt Czech Republic donated 200 EUR;
– the bnt office in Hungary supported the camp with 350 EUR;
– the bnt office in Bulgaria contributed 250 EUR;
– bnt Germany donated 830 EUR and
– the bnt office in Romania contributed 650 EUR.

We thank everyone who contributed to the project! So far, we are planning to finance a trip to the Lithuanian Maritime Museum. However, with the funds we can surely co-organize more activities during the camp.

This article is written in cooperation with our Intern Kasparas Adomaitis.



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