Minimum wage – infringement proceedings initiated

Germany: EU Commission has initiated formal infringement proceedings against Germany.

In Germany a general minimum wage in the amount of 8.50 EUR (gross) per hour applies since beginning of 2015.

Already in May 2015 the EU Commission had initiated the first level of infringement proceedings against Germany because the Commission has concerns against the (nearly unlimited) scope of application of the law. In particular, there were concerns against the unlimited application in the transport sector.

As EU Commission and Germany were not able to agree on a common position in the meantime, the EU Commission has now initiated the second level – the formal infringement proceedings. German authorities are asked to present their answers to the EC arguments within the next 2 months.

Parallel, EC has also initiated infringement proceedings against France regarding its minimum wage regulations applicable from 1 July 2016.

Source: Press release by European Commission of 16.06.2016

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