How to keep track – online – of one’s outstanding tax payments?

Czech Republic: By activating their tax infobox, taxpayers gain access to an overview of the taxes for which they are registered, and of payments made or due

Taxpayers who have a “databox” for electronic communication with the authorities may newly activate a “tax infobox” through which they have access to an online overview of all taxes to which they are registered and all payments made or due.

This tax infobox can be activated on the website by clicking on the link “Tax Infobox Services” (Služby daňové informační schránky). Applying for access to one’s tax infobox requires a small number of steps; the applicant ought to have their databox access data within reach (as it is through these databox particulars that their identity is being verified). Access is also possible via a guaranteed electronic signature. The finance office must grant access to the tax infobox within 60 days from they day on which the pertinent application was filed. For the details of the procedure, please be referred to the website of the tax authorities.

Once the finance office has activated access to the tax infobox, the taxpayer may at any time log in and check the current balance of their personal tax account online. During the login procedure, the taxpayer will be asked for their databox login name and password. By accessing their tax infobox, taxpayers can check all types of taxes to which they are registered, and find out about the amounts which were assessed and the payments which they have made. This makes it easy for everyone to verify quickly and conveniently that they missed no payments.

Activating and using the tax infobox is completely free of charge.

Aside from the overview over one’s personal tax account, the tax infobox also allows taxpayers to check their personal tax calendar, with information on the deadlines by which various tax returns must be filed and on any notices from the finance office which require a payment or response.

A final feature allows the owners of tax infoboxes to access an overview of the correspondence which they sent to, or received from, the finance office. In the case of hardcopy / paper correspondence, the infobox at least informs about the date on which the letter was delivered to the finance office or about the amount charged in payment orders on the basis of submitted documents. As for electronic correspondence with the finance office, its entire contents should be accessible through the tax infobox.

Source: General Fiscal Code (Act No. 280/2009 Coll.)

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