Belarus cancels border restrictions

From 3 April 2022 a ban on crossing the State border no longer applies in Belarus

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, Belarusian citizens and persons with a temporary or permanent residence permit in Belarus were not allowed to cross the State border of Belarus for exit via border ground checkpoints. Moreover, there was a ban on foreigners crossing the State border of Belarus for entry via State border ground checkpoints.

From 3 April 2022 these restrictions no longer apply. Thus, Belarusian citizens and foreigners can freely cross the State border of Belarus both for entry and exit via State border ground checkpoints.

However, foreigners over the age of six (except for those with a temporary or permanent residence permit in Belarus) arriving in Belarus are required to have a negative result of a COVID-19 PCR test performed no later than three days before the date of crossing into Belarus. Exceptions apply to:

  • persons having a vaccination certificate. The course of vaccination against COVID-19 infection must be completed within 1 to 12 months before the date of arrival;
  • diplomats;
  • drivers engaged in international cargo transportation;
  • aircraft crew members and inland watercraft crews, train crews, international railway transportation service locomotive crews;
  • foreigners who provide international technical, foreign aid and other assistance to Belarus;
  • foreigners arriving at the invitation of Belarusian legal entities;
  • persons returning from a business trip to which they were sent by Belarusian legal entities or individual entrepreneurs;
  • foreigners arriving in Belarus upon notification of serious illness or death of a close relative, spouse, as well as caregivers of such persons;
  • persons transporting stem cells, organs for transplantation;
  • persons transiting through Belarus (documents confirming exit from Belarus within 24 hours are required);
  • foreigners arriving in Belarus due to the socio-political situation in Ukraine, including those transiting through the territory of other countries, and others.

Source: National legal internet portal of the Republic of Belarus (NLIP) 02.04.2022, 5/50090.


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