New member on bnt Vilnius team in Life Sciences and labour law

Lithuania: bnt Vilnius / Lithuania welcomes Miglė Wantens to its team as from May 2023 

Due to her former occupations, Miglė Wantens possesses considerable professional experience in the fields of health law & life sciences as well as in labour law.

Miglė looks forward to consulting clients especially in the following areas:

Health, life sciences and pharmaceutical law:

  • drafting and advising on preparing documents for bioethics authorizations for biomedical research / clinical trials;
  • preparing documents during the licensing process for health care, as well as complementary and alternative health care facilities;
  • drafting documents during the licensing process for tissue banks, as well as consultations relating to production licences.

Employment law:

  • representation in employment disputes
  • drafting procedural documents
  • drafting internal company labour law documents
  • conclusion and termination of individual employment contracts
  • drafting collective agreements
  • collective bargaining, including drafting bargaining positions.

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