Latvia: Social responsibility

Latvia: We at bnt attorneys-at-law in Riga are committed to sharing our professional knowledge, time and resources with a variety of pro bono, sponsorship and charitable activities

such as:

  • educational initiatives that enhance Latvian professional competitiveness
  • pro bono initiatives and work to develop the local legal and business environment
  • contributions to charitable causes that help make a difference and improve Latvia’s social environment

Many of our lawyers lecture at universities and other educational institutions, sharing their knowledge and skills to help form the next generation of business lawyers. These institutions include

  • Riga Graduate School of Law
  • Turiba University
  • Belarusian State University

We also provide pro bono legal services to support charitable causes or to help improve the social environment of our communities, as shown by support to

  • Stiftung Orgel Petrikirche
  • The Jewish Community of Riga
  • Synagogue Museum in Preili, Latvia


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