Belarus introduces ban on leaving the country

A temporary ban on crossing the state border of Belarus for exit comes into force in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection


From 21 December 2020 Belarusian citizens and persons who have a temporary or permanent residence permit in Belarus are not allowed to leave the country via land border control.
Restrictions do not apply to persons leaving Belarus via Minsk National Airport, as well as to:
• business travellers;
• persons going abroad due to notification of serious illness or death of a close relative, spouse, as well as caregivers of such persons;
• diplomats;
• drivers engaged in international cargo transportation;
• aircraft crew members and inland watercraft crews, train crews, international railway transportation service locomotive crews;
• students of foreign educational organizations (document confirmation is required);
• persons going for receiving medical care (document confirmation is required), as well as caregivers of such persons;
• persons employed by foreign employers (document confirmation is required (employment contract, work permit, employment visa));
• Belarusian citizens who have a permanent residence permit in a foreign country and leave Belarus to return to their place of residence, and others.

An exit permit can be granted in exceptional circumstances or for national security reasons by the Chairman of the State border committee or an officer authorized by him.

However, leaving Belarus for the purposes of education, work, as well as returning Belarusian citizens who have a permanent residence permit in a foreign country to the place of permanent residence is allowed not more frequently than once in 6 months.

Source: National legal internet portal of the Republic of Belarus (NLIP) 10.12.2020, 5/48572

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