Meet the Experts: “EFPIA Disclosure Code” a total success!

Latvia: Fifteen Participants accepted an invitation from bnt attorneys-at-law to a Meet the Experts business breakfast seminar: “EFPIA Disclosure Code – are you ready to declare support for medics?” on 23 February 2016.

This Pharma Seminar from bnt attorneys-at-law was another successful event. Held on 23 February 2016 at Riga Graduate School of Law, it followed a Lithuanian breakfast seminar in December 2015.

The seminar presented the Survey: EFPIA DISCLOSURE CODE, The Central and Eastern European Approach 2015/2016, prepared by the bnt international Industry & Regulatory Practice Group, available at:

Fifteen participants from Latvia’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sector assembled for information on implementation of the EFPIA disclosure code in Latvia and other CEE countries such as Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland. Although the focus was on Latvian implementation of the disclosure obligations, practical insights were offered on the other eight CEE countries. The presentation was followed by lively discussion of further issues over coffee.
bnt in the Baltics is an exclusive member of a European network of law firms specializing in pharmaceutical law, healthcare and medical law through “conférence bleue” (
A new project from the bnt international Pharma Practice Group will analyze the implications of the upcoming EU regulation on medical devices.

bnt | attorneys-at-law Riga Senior Associate Renārs Gasūns has been consulting Latvian and foreign entities for over 15 years. His core areas of expertise are Medicine & Pharma, Life Sciences, Data Protection and Privacy plus Food Law. He also advises companies on day-to-day legal matters and represents their interests in litigation.

bnt | attorneys-at-law Vilnius partner Yvonne Goldammer has been practicing in Lithuania since 2005 as a German attorney at law as well as a practicing EU attorney at law in Lithuania. In addition to consulting major international clients in Life Sciences, Food Law, Competition, Contract and other business law matters, she also represents bnt offices in the Baltic States at conférence bleue.
For those unable to come: this and other bnt publications may be downloaded from the bnt website.

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