bnt attorneys in CEE and BSJP join forces to form one of the biggest international law firms in the new EU

One strong partner on the spot for all countries and jurisdictions – bnt attorneys in CEE, a leading international business law firm with 10 offices in Central and Eastern Europe, and BSJP, one of Poland’s premier full-service legal practices, have teamed up to create a legal powerhouse operating across the new EU countries, spanning from Tallin to Sofia.

For bnt the move comes as the realization of a long-sought policy of strengthening of one of its core markets. bnt has in fact been present on the Polish market through its Warsaw office of bnt Neupert Zamorska & Partnerzy since 2005. Now, the 100+ team in Poland will be the largest presence of bnt in Europe. As a result of the merger, bnt partners Domnika Wągrodzka, Małgorzata Zamorska, Martin Neupert and Daniel Göẞling will join BSJP’s Warsaw office. The new firm will operate under the combined brand of BSJP | bnt in Poland.

For BSJP the merger means becoming the largest firm in Poland with offices in CEE. Given the growing internationalization of Polish businesses as well as increasing investments in Poland from the region, the integration into bnt will boost BSJP’s cross-border capabilities as well as open up the possibility of developing into a hub for inbound and outbound as well as multijurisdictional regional investment.

Building on more than two decades of history on the legal services market and established positions in world’s most reputable legal rankings, both bnt and BSJP serve as trusted advisors to foreign investors and multinational corporations, offering advice in their local language and understanding the different business and legal cultures. Bringing the two firms together will lead to, among others, the broadening of the areas of law and the sectors in which the new firm will be able to service its clients.

“We look with great excitement to join forces with BSJP on the largest market in the Central and Eastern Europe. With such a well-established partner we will boost our joint business potential in all jurisdictions and provide even better services for our clients,” – says Margareta Sovova, Managing Partner International at bnt attorneys in CEE.

“We are proud to create something new and unique both in the CEE and locally: a regional law firm with strong local participants in all countries in which it is present and the first large Polish law firm with such a reach,” underlines Dag Nilsson, Partner at BSJP.

As a result of the merger, the firm will be able to offer to its clients a global localized expertise of more than 200 multilingual specialists working from 13 offices throughout 9 EU states, including 4 strategic locations in Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice and Poznan), and a client reach covering not only Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe but also German- and French-speaking countries as well as the Nordics.

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