Bulgaria introduces a unified electronic system for tourist information

Bulgaria: Digitalization of tourism services reporting

The National Tourism Register has existed within the Ministry of Tourism in Bulgaria since 2015. In future, an integral part will be the Unified Tourist Information System (UTIS), through which all nights spent at accommodation facilities will be registered online. The National Statistical Institute, the National Revenue Agency and municipalities will also be able to access the system. The aim is to improve collection of taxes and municipal tourist fees in the hotel sector. The changes are likely to have security implications as well, since access to the UTIS will also be available to the Ministry of the Interior. The information will be kept for a period of ten years.

Anyone operating in accommodation facilities must register data in the UTIS on all tourist accommodation. For this purpose, they must designate a responsible individual by assigning them the role of „a super user” in the UTIS. Under the new rules, private individuals that offer accommodation through local or international internet platforms must also report.

Source: The Tourism Act, Council of Ministers Decree No. 252 of 8 October 2019 on adoption of Ordinance on the National Tourist Register (Promulgated in the State Gazette issue No. 81 from 15 October 2019)


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