Moldovan workers in Bulgaria

Agreement for labour migration concluded between Bulgaria and Moldova

On 11 July 2018 the Bulgarian government approved a labour migration agreement with Moldova (“the Agreement”) signed between the two countries in June in Sofia.

Under the Agreement, citizens of Moldova can be employed in Bulgaria for 1 year without requiring special permission to this end. The Agreement also provides the possibility to further extend this period for up to 3 years. Secondly, the Agreement also regulates the annual exchange of seasonal workers between the two countries for a time limit not exceeding 9 months. Additionally, Moldovan workers will have the same labour rights and obligations, enjoying equivalent protection in the workplace as apply to local workers.

The Agreement implements recent tendencies for liberalisation of the labour market pursued by the business sector in Bulgaria. Earlier this year, the Parliament passed key amendments to the Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act, such as an increase in the quota for Bulgarian companies hiring workers from non-EU countries and abandonment of the market test for obtaining an EU Blue Card.

Source: Agreement on labour migration between Bulgaria and Moldova; Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act






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