Basis for obligatory electronic communication

Official e-mail addresses must be established by the end of August and registered on the Company portal. With introduction of electronic administration, companies must register a so-called “Company portal”, an online mailbox for electronic communication. Instead of the postal address, this will be the official address of companies for all correspondence with the authorities.

Obligatory electronic communication

Electronic communication is obligatory from 01.01.2018 for every entity operating in Hungary. This involves establishing a personalized portal, also operating as a mailbox, the “Company portal”. The Company portal must be established by 30.08.2017 by registering an email address. On registering, memory space will be available from 01.12.2017 for reception and storage of electronic mail.
The Company portal will be active from 01.01.2018. Thereafter, judicial and official documents will arrive at the email address registered at the Company portal and replies must be sent through the Company portal as well. The effect of delivery of electronic documents to the registered email address will be the same as if the documents had been sent by post. Mail sent there will be considered delivered even if the company has not actually received it (i.e. has not downloaded it or nobody has read it) after the second notification. If the authority cannot communicate with the company electronically after 01.01.2018, judicial review proceedings or other official controls can be started against the company.

Client portal registration

To register, a representative of the company as an individual must have a “Customer portal”. A Customer portal ensures electronic administration of individuals. The email address provided for registration will serve only for managing electronic mail received or sent by the Company portal.
If registration of a company registered in the Company Gazette is done by an authorized representative of the company, online registration is fully automatic. In other cases (e.g.: by proxy) an electronic form must be filled out for registration, with certification of incorporation and proxy documents (e.g.: company extract, specimen signature) attached.

A “Company portal manager” will be appointed to operate the Company portal: this need not be the company’s representative. The Company portal manager can provide access for further users, although every employee of the company entitled to use the Company portal in order to access it must have a Customer portal as a private person.

Source: Act CCXXII of 2015 – on General Rules for Trust Services and Electronic Transactions

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