UPDATE: New sanctions on Russia and special exemptions for Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary on export of certain refined oil products obtained from Russian crude oil to Ukraine

Effective from 16 December 2022, the EU adopted the 9th package of restrictions against Russia. Some of these restrictions also apply to any 3rd country with a risk of diversion and military use in Russia.

Export restrictions on sensitive dual-use and advanced technologies

The following goods can no longer be exported to Russia and any 3rd country with a risk of diversion and military use in Russia:

  • drone engines,
  • camouflage gear,
  • additional chemical/biological equipment,
  • riot control agents and
  • additional electronic components found in Russian military systems on the battlefield.

Further restrictions:

  • ban on toy/hobby drones, complex generator devices, laptop computers and computing components, printed circuits, radio navigational systems, radio remote control apparatus, aircraft engines and parts of engines, cameras and lenses;
  • ban on providing to Russia of EU advertising, market research, and public opinion polling services, as well as product testing and technical inspection services;
  • new export controls;
  • additional designations to the asset-freezing list, including 2 Russian banks to stop EU funding of Russian projects;
  • extension of broadcasting restrictions;
  • restrictions on new investments in the Russian mining and quarrying sectors.

Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary can export refined oil products to Ukraine

Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria are under certain conditions allowed to export to Ukraine refined oil products obtained from Russian crude oil imported on the basis of a derogation to the prohibition to import crude oil and petroleum products from Russia.


The supply of agricultural food, medical equipment or medicines for the general population in Russia is permitted.

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