Romania: UBO declaration

The deadline for submitting the declaration on the ultimate beneficial owner („UBO declaration”) has been extended!

Thus, in accordance with the provisions of EGO 191/2020 (in force as of October 30, 2020), the extended deadline is of maximum 90 days from the end of the state of alert.

The extension of the deadline for submitting the UBO declaration concerns the legal entities registered with the Trade Registry Office, as well as, the associations and foundations.

The extented deadline also applies to the obligation to fill in the necessary documents in order to acquire the legal personality of associations and foundations as per EGO 26/2000 requirements.

Until the expiry of the 90-day period, UBO declaration (i) may take the form of a document under private signature or an electronic form and may be transmitted to the Trade Registry Office by electronic means, with electronic signature, or by post and courier services, (ii) may also be given before the representative of the Trade Registry Office or may be submitted in person or by a representative with a certified date indicated by a public notary or attested by a lawyer.

For further information please contact the Romanian office of bnt.

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