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Lithuania: Mandatory declarations on employee safety conditions

All private and public legal entities, farmers and self-employed persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania who are engaged in economic activities and have employees („Employers”) must before the end of this year supply the State labour inspectorate („SLI”) with information on employee safety conditions and compliance of workplaces to applicable health and safety regulations. The above information is submitted in the form of a declaration, i. e. by filling a general questionnaire prepared by the SLI. The SLI may instruct some Employers to submit specialized questionnaires, but they will be informed of this by a separate notice. The declarations may be submitted electronically by logging in to SLI electronic services for the employers platform or in writing (presented directly or sent by mail).

Employers will have a continuous right to alter the information submitted to the SLI. Only the latest information submitted will be considered relevant. It must be emphasised that a presumption of honesty will be afforded to Employers, i. e. it will be presumed that the information submitted is correct.

The information received will be used not only in planning preventive SLI measures, but also in evaluating the risks posed by specific Employers and for formulating proposals to assign Employers to relevant working accident and professional sickness social insurance contribution risk categories. Employers who fail to supply information to the SLI in due time may fall under administrative liability and be charged with a fine ranging from LTL 500 up to LTL 5 000 (ca. EUR 150 – 1 500).

Source: Valstybės žinios, 2013, Nr. 98-4885.

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