Change of mobile network operator in the Czech Republic now free of charge and immediately

Amendment to Electronic Communications Act makes change of mobile network operator significantly easier

As a consequence of a reform of the Elelectronic Communications Act, changes of the mobile network operator were made considerably easier with effect from April 1st, 2020. Mobile network operator changes are now free of charge. In addition, the transfer of the mobile phone number to the new operator must be completed within two days.

Customers who want to change their mobile network operator no longer have to coordinate this move with the old and new operator by themselves. In the future, all necessary steps will be carried out by the new provider, who must contact the old provider for this purpose and inform them about the customer’s request within one business day.

Customers are no longer obliged to obtain the so-called ČVOP (cancellation number of the previous operator) themselves, which used to contain the nearest possible termination date toward the old provider. Until now, customers could only enter into a contractual relationship with the new provider after receiving this number. In future, the new provider will take care of all of this, including the transfer of the phone number.

Once the customer contacts the new provider, a period of one working day begins to run, within which the new provider must inform the old provider of the change request. The new provider must then take the necessary steps for a transfer of the phone number within two working days. The contractual relationship with the previous provider ends no later than on the following working day.

Overall, the change to another mobile operator thus only takes between four and five working days.

These deadlines also apply if the contract with the old provider has been cancelled or is about to expire and the customer only then expresses their wish to change (still within the notice period).

In addition, the change of the operator is now free of charge, provided it occurs at the earliest three months after conclusion of the contract with the previous operator. Earlier than that, and the old operator may request a compensation of up to 5% of the basic fee remaining until the original contract’s end. After three months, changes of the mobile network operator are therefore free of charge for customers.

The new regulation also applies to existing customers who concluded their contracts before April 1st, 2020.

Electronic Communications Act No. 127/2005

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