bnt and Stavební fórum – the fifth year of partnership

Our long-term collaboration with „Stavební fórum” (Building Forum), the Czech online news portal, continues also in 2020, bnt Prague is for the fifth time acting as the main partner.

The e-magazine „Stavební fórum” is active in the Czech real estate market almost two decades, which makes this platform one of the oldest and most successful of its kind in the Czech Republic. The focus of „Stavební fórum” is on regular information services, articles on current affairs, and providing a comprehensive overview of the developments in the property market. At the center of the e-magazine’s attention are the activities of real estate developers and the situation in the various real estate market segments (which among other things also means presenting the views and opinions of the industry’s biggest players). In addition, it keeps track of the construction industry and the field of architecture, and maps the developing trends in related fields and industries.

Through a number of conference projects „Stavební fórum” provides a space where industry experts can gather and discuss the topics to which it is devoted. All these activities have a common goal – namely, to ensure that both the professional community and the general public are better informed, and thus to contribute to the overall cultivation of the real estate market and of the business environment in the Czech Republic.

bnt Prague office is the main partner of „Stavební fórum” for the fifth time already, however, bnt has been collaborating with „Stavební fórum” as „a partner” since 2011. Within the context of this partnership, it is our pleasure to invite you to various events which the Forum organizes. More information can be found here.

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