Lithuania: Online sale of prescription-only medicines

Purchase of prescription-only medicines and compensated medical devices now also possible via internet on the basis of an electronic prescription.

From now on, patients in Lithuania (at least 16 years of age) can buy not only OTC products online but can comfortably – not leaving their home – receive their prescription-only medicines and compensated medical devices.

Lithuania is only the fifth EU Member State that has implemented this possibility.

On the basis of an electronic prescription, patients log into their section of the platform and choose the medicines or medical devices they want to buy online.

Since all participating pharmacies sell via the same platform, patients receive an immediate overview of the different prices and delivery conditions of all pharmacies selling medicines based on the active substance or the medical device prescribed. This means that they can choose from the list the pharmacy that offers them the best conditions. For pharmacies, of course, this method of sale means stronger competition.

Because patients will have to prove their identity before buying a medicine or medical device online, the sale is regarded as safe. However, narcotics and psychotropic medicines will not be available online.

Someone who is not able to use the electronic system can grant a power of attorney via the system to another person, who can then buy medicines for them.

For the time being two pharmacies have already started to use the new platform. Other pharmacies are expected to join soon.

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