Lithuania: Migration procedures now faster and easier

New rules for residence permits and employment of foreigners came into force on 1 March 2021.

Since 1 March 2021, foreigners applying for a temporary residence permit only have to submit a written declaration of residence. An official commitment by the owner of the property to be rented to provide suitable living space is no longer required as before.

In addition, a work permit is no longer required if a foreigner works full-time remotely from abroad under an employment contract with a company operating in Lithuania.

For highly qualified employees, the hiring process has also become much more flexible, as they can start working even before a residence permit is issued. A foreigner who is legally residing in Lithuania and has applied for a temporary residence permit on the basis of a highly professional job can now start working:

– after the Labour Office has decided whether foreigner’s work is eligible, in line with with the needs of the Lithuanian labour market, or
– from the date of submitting an application for a temporary residence permit (if a decision by the Labour Office is not required).

Moreover, foreigners who are participants in start-ups can now extend their temporary residence permit more than twice if they present a document confirming that the company established by a foreigner and of which he/she is a participant has attracted an investment of at least EUR 30,000 since its foundation.

In addition, international Master’s students now have the opportunity to work full-time in Lithuania during their studies. Previously, only PhD students were allowed to work more than 20 hours per week. The restriction also does not apply to foreigners who have completed studies or training in Lithuania during the period of validity of a temporary residence permit.

Source: Law on the Legal Status of Aliens of the Republic of Lithuania

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