Lithuania introduces mandatory “construction worker ID code”

Effective 1 January 2022 all workers on construction sites across Lithuania will need to have a unique “construction worker ID code”.

The Lithuanian parliament has amended the Construction Law as follows: effective 1 January 2022 every construction worker in Lithuania will have to be assigned a unique “construction worker ID code”. The new requirement will apply to employees of construction firms as well as self-employed persons.

The stated purposes of the new requirement are:
– combating illegal work and exploitation of workers;
– combating failure to report construction works;
– combating failure to account for income and other forms of tax evasion.

Until the end of 2021 the Ministry of Social Security and Labour will adopt a special-purpose database to record ID codes of construction workers and related information. The burden of providing the data to the system will fall on a construction worker’s employer, who will also have to ensure that it can provide documents in case a construction site is inspected by state authorities.

Once the requirement is in force and the database is operational, the state authorities plan to run checks on actual construction sites and compare workers’ documents against the data in the database.

In case of discrepancy or complete absence of data, penalties will apply, ranging from EUR 500 to EUR 7 000.

Law amending the title of the fourth section of the Construction Law of the Republic of Lithuania No I-1240 and adding Article 221 to the Law

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