Did an ATM refuse your cash request? Check your mailbox.

On 01 August 2016, the government began mandatory activation of electronic mailboxes for legal entities.

Within the e-Government project, electronic mailboxes will be established for various persons. The mailboxes of legal entities can be accessed by members of their statutory bodies. Mailbox owners can also authorize other persons to access the mailbox. The access authorization form can be filed electronically through the mailbox or in paper form with a notarized signature of the mailbox owner.

Before using them to receive official documents, the mailboxes need to be activated. Mailboxes of legal entities are activated automatically upon first sign-up, at the latest on 01 July 2017. This means that if a legal entity does not wish its mailbox to be activated sooner it cannot sign in to the mailbox between 01 August 2016 and 01 July 2017.

Electronic deliveries will have the same effect as paper deliveries. For example, if your company is to pay a fine for a traffic violation, the notification will be delivered to your company’s electronic mailbox. If you do not learn about the notification and fail to pay the fine, the competent authority can levy execution against your company. The notification will also be delivered to your electronic mailbox. If you still fail to react, your company account will be blocked.

You sign in to the website through the portal www.slovensko.sk using your personal ID card with an electronic chip (eID card). You can apply for an electronic ID at any police department. You also need your personal security code (BOK), a card reader and the necessary software.

Once you sign up, the system will offer you a choice according to your status (natural person – citizen, natural person – entrepreneur, statutory body of a legal entity, or a person authorized by the mailbox owner).

A foreign person who is a statutory body of a legal entity has two possibilities to access the mailbox:

1. A statutory body – natural person needs a residence permit with an electronic chip (eDoPP card). This person also has to comply with all other requirements mentioned above, but needs to direct its requests and applications to the foreign police.

2. A legal entity that is a mailbox owner can authorize a natural person (Slovak citizen who has a personal ID with an electronic chip) to access the mailbox.

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