International Hereditary law in the EU and beyond – ESC in practice

Are you living outside your native country? And do you or does any of your near and loved ones still have property or other assets in several EU-member States or even beyond the EU? Then join the webinar of Stephan Heidenhain and Peter Maysenhölder from bnt attorneys in CEE which is focused on international hereditary law.

bnt attorneys in CEE experts from the bnt Prague, Nuremberg, Vilnius and Bratislava offices have dealt with many international hereditary cases and have helped lot of people already. The experts are ready to answer all questions regarding the international hereditary law.

The webinar (in German, but we can switch to English anytime) will be 25th March 2021, 10am CET and the presentation itself will take 1 hour. The open discussion will follow after the presentation.

Main topics:

– choice of the applicable hereditary law and the competent jurisdiction – a necessary decision for all expats in their lifetime
– inheriting assets in the EU, e.g. immovable, registered assets, like shares in company, stocks, bank accounts, ships etc.
– Competency of the jurisdiction under the European Succession Regulation 650/2012/EU
– The European Succession Certificate (ESC) in the practice – how it works and in which member states it does not work
– Our case studies
– How we can help you


The attendance is for free for the registered, the webinar will be organised via GoToMeeting app. The registration form is here.

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