Slovakia: Success in rejecting frivolous claims

Representing a building contractor client, our law firm – bnt attorneys in CEE – succeeded in defeating proceedings brought by the Association of House Administration (Združenie domových samospráv), led by Marcel Slávik.

Alleging failure to “protect the public interest”, Mr. Slávik’s Association sought to compel the building authority to oblige our client to construct a green roof, fountains, and so on. Since the building authority found the Association’s requests in this case to be unjustified, the Association applied to the court for annulment of the decision as factually incorrect.

In the court proceedings, our law firm argued, especially in view of the Association’s long-standing activity throughout Slovakia, that the protection of the public interest claimed is a mere pretence and that the Association’s aim in the proceeding is probably solely its own financial gain. We objected to the frivolous and unethical nature of the action and demonstrated the unreasonableness of the claims in the planning proceedings.  After hearing the pleas, the Court dismissed the action by the Association of House Administration and upheld the correctness of the original zoning decision.

This legal action and the subsequent court decision demonstrate a successful legal defence against the frivolous practices of the Association of House Administration.

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