Lithuania: Business breakfast. Homeoffice & Workation after Corona – What employers have to pay attention to

After two years of the COVID19 pandemic, everyday work is gradually returning to normal. However, one “achievement” from the pandemic seems to play an essential role in the future: Work from home and Work from anywhere (workation).

While the authorities mostly turned a blind eye in times of the pandemic and did not check whether all formal criteria for the implementation of remote work by employers were really being adhered to, employers rightly fear that this reprieve is gradually coming to an end.

Aspects of labour law, data protection law and, above all, social security law must be observed, and employers should check whether their internal processes and documents are really up to date. The requirements are particularly strict if employees would like to work remotely from abroad. The good news is: with the right measures and the right framework conditions in place, all this can be achieved!

You can find out what Lithuanian employers need to pay attention to and what steps they should take at our Business Breakfast on 2 June 2022.

The business breakfast will be hosted by bnt attorneys in CEE – Lawyer Hans Lauschke. He will share his knowledge by giving concrete practical examples, listening to your concerns, answering questions, and inviting to discuss.

bnt Heemann APB
(K. Kalinausko g. 24, Vilnius)

2022-06-02, 9:00–11:00


Until 31st May 2022

Invitation to business breakfast. Homeoffice and Workation after Corona – What employers have to pay attention to

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