Slovakia: Due to a favourable epidemiological situation, measures against the spread of COVID-19 will be relaxed from 20 May

The long-awaited Phase 4 brings open shopping malls and voluntary wearing of face masks outdoors in Slovakia. 

  • All open establishments, including those in shopping centres, can welcome more customers in their premises, the requested 25 m2 are changed to 15 m2 per customer.

  • Catering will also be possible indoors, including hotel restaurants, under the same conditions that currently apply to the summer terraces.

  • The opening hours of public catering establishments may be extended until 22:00.

  • Tattoo studios and establishments offering services such as ear piercing, piercing, permanent make-up may also be open.

  • The inner rooms of tourist attractions may also be open, except for the interiors of ZOOs and botanical gardens.

  • The operation of cinemas, theatres or organization of mass events with the maximum number of people of 100 will be possible.

  • It will be possible to conduct general meetings without a limitation of the number of people present.

  • Indoor swimming pools and sports halls may be open, but only for sports clubs. Outdoor sports grounds may function regardless of the type of sport, but without changing rooms and spectators; rest rooms will be available.

  • The sanitary day on Sunday for businesses will be maintained, as well as the shopping time for senior citizens from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 in grocery stores and drugstores.

From 1 June, all schools will be open, including special schools, with a maximum of 15 children per class at any one time. The return of the children to the educational institutions is voluntary, the parents can decide to leave the child at home.

The wearing of face masks indoors is still obligatory. Face masks do not have to be worn outdoors if you are five or more metres away from people who do not live in the same household.

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