Paternity leave in the Czech Republic has just been doubled

As of 1 January 2022, paid paternity leave will be extended from previously 7 days to newly 14 days.

As of the beginning of 2022, paternity leave will be extended to two weeks (14 calendar days). Until the end of 2021, fathers may claim one week of such paternity leave (7 calendar days). Leave must be taken in a single unbroken instalment, and begin within six weeks from the birth of the child. The basic eligibility criteria will remain the same. If the father of the child made payments into sick-leave insurance, he will receive 70 percent of the reduced per diem base of his earnings. In the case of self-employed persons (usually referred to in the Czech Republic by the acronym OSVČ), the claim for paternity leave presupposes participation in the (voluntary) sick-leave insurance scheme for at least three months immediately prior to the day on which the father wishes to go on leave.

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