Slovakia: Obligations of importers and distributors of foodstuffs, including food supplements, in Slovakia

Do you own or rent a warehouse or other premises in Slovakia to store, package and distribute foodstuffs or food supplements?

Any food business operator established in Slovakia that wants to operate a warehouse in Slovakia must obtain prior approval of their business premises from the Regional Public Health Authority (“Public Health Authority”) locally competent according to the address of the intended operation or premises.

A food business operator is under this obligation even if it need not obtain a trading licence or register its business under the Trade Licensing Act.

An importer or distributor of foodstuffs and food supplements must have its business premises approved, regardless of whether it owns the premises or only rents them.

A distributor and/or importer of foodstuffs and food supplements must apply for approval of the premises (warehouse) to enter into operation and must submit all annexes and opinions required by the Hygiene Act and connected legislation and have the operating rules of the warehouse approved.

Before issuing approval, the Public Health Authority will carry out a personal inspection of the premises and subsequently issue official minutes of the inspection. If the minutes of the inspection contain any shortcomings, missing documents, or other deficiencies, and until deficiencies are rectified, the Public Health Authority will not issue approval.

In addition, food business operation (warehouse) must also be reported to the State Veterinary and Food Administration, to the competent regional veterinary and food administration or to the hygiene department depending on the type of product.

These obligations also apply to a foreign distributor and/or importer if they decide to establish their seat in Slovakia.

We will be happy to i) analyse whether these obligations apply to you, ii) establish a company for import or distribution of foodstuffs if requested; iii) assist you with preparation of all documentation required by Slovak and EU regulations and represent you before the competent Slovak authorities.


  1. Act on Foodstuffs,  Act on the Protection, Promotion and Development of Public Health and on Amendments to Certain Acts;
  2. relevant EU foodstuffs and food supplement regulations.

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