Intense business activities in Liepajas special economic zone

Works on the harbor infrastructure itself as well as investment opportunities arise in one of Latvias special economic zones, which offers favorable conditions for business.

Liepaja is home to one of the four special economic zones in Latvia, where investments are attracted through a number of specific incentives, i. a. tax relief. In order to make Latvijas third-biggest city even more attractive, it has been decided to develop the harbor infrastructure as well as to conduct several business activities. Overall the investment sum amounts to EUR 40 million, part of which is granted through European funds. EUR 7.6 million are foreseen for the development of the harbor, inter alia for construction works on the piers, wave breakers and the deepening of the harbor from 12 to 14 meters. It is planned to develop “the City of Wind” for shipping and fishing businesses – also bigger ships will be able to land in Liepajas harbor.

Furthermore, a buckwheat processing plant will be built in the industrial park – the overall 43. company to take its seat in Liepajas special economic zone.

Completion expected 2019

Executed by: Liepajas Special Economic Zone, Lauku atbalsta dienests

Value est.: EUR 40 million

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