Construction works in Wolfsburg


Germany: New building of Faculty of Automotive Engineering in Ostfalia University of Applied Science


Ostfalia University of Applied Science plans to extend its campus by building a new laboratory for the Faculty of Automotive Engineering. The works are to be divided into two parts – the first will be to build a laboratory and equip it with a dynamometer, a wind tunnel for aerodynamic tests, a drop tower and workshops with additional rooms for university employees. All these facilities will make the Faculty of Automotive Engineering a highly modern research centre. The second part will include building service stations and additional workshops. Almost two thousand square metres of usable area will be made available during the first part of the project, while the second part will cover a further one and a half thousand square metres of modern research space.

The new building will be situated at Kleiststr. 26 – in Wolfsburg city centre.

Est. value: EUR 10 million (plus VAT)
Est. start of tender procedures: 28 November 2014

Completion: 30 September 2016

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Gössling
Partner, bnt Nuremberg

Phone: + 49 911 569 61-0

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