Slovakia: A summary of state aid to support employers

An overview of measures adopted by the Slovak government to support employers. 

In order to maintain employment, the Slovak government adopted several measures in April to support employers, self-employed persons and citizens without income. Each of the five measures determines who is the entitled applicant, as well as the amount of the subsidy and the conditions for granting it.

Under Measure No. 1, employers (including self-employed persons) who have had to close down their business as a result of the decision of the Public Health Authority may apply for compensation for the employees’ salary up to 80% of their average wage. The maximum amount paid by the state for an employee is EUR 1,100.

Measure No. 2 provides aid for self-employed persons who are not employers. They can apply for financial aid if their turnover has decreased because their business had to remain closed due to the decision of the Public Health Authority.

Measure No. 3 is intended for employers (including self-employed persons if they are employers) whose business was allowed to remain open but whose turnover has decreased as a result of the state of emergency.

Measure No. 3 offers employers two alternatives: they can either apply for a subsidy for the wage replacement of an employee to whom they cannot assign work as a result of an obstacle to work on the part of the employer (the wage replacement amounts to 80% of the employee’s average wage, maximum EUR 880), or they can apply for reimbursement of part of the wage costs for each employee, depending on the decrease in the employer’s turnover (up to EUR 540 for April, May), regardless of whether the employer allocates work to the employee or cannot allocate it due to an obstacle on the part of the employer.

Employers must choose one of the alternatives listed for the entire duration of the subsidy.

If an employer receives financial aid to maintain employment, the employer may not terminate the employment relationship with the employee by agreement or by termination for specific reasons within 2 months of the month in which the grant is received.

Measure No. 4 is intended for self-employed persons and one-man companies and serves as a replacement of income for persons who have no income from 13 March 2020.

Assistance to citizens who have no income due to the pandemic is regulated by Measure No. 5.

If you are interested, we are ready to discuss with you the details concerning the granting of state aid and to assist you in the application process.

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