Car toll system – to be introduced sooner than might be thought?

Germany: The surprising rapprochement between the federal government and the EU Commission could soon lead to introduction of a car toll system.

In the dispute over the car toll system a breakthrough may have been achieved. “We are moving closer towards each other and I am very optimistic of finding a solution together with the EU Commission by the end of November” Transport Minister Dobrindt is quoted as saying.

Since the middle of the last year no significant progress had been reached. In fact, the EU Commission had a very critical view on the car toll system because the Commission had “serious doubts” whether the system as planned was compliant with European Law.

Other European countries still have serious concerns regarding the car toll system. In this context, the Austrian government already reported that they will explore all legal options if the car toll system is introduced.

But concerns are not limited to other European countries – they exist in Germany as well. Some claim that possible modifications will lead to an additional financial burden for German car owners and that the expected revenues are not proportional to the cost necessary to adopt the car toll system.

It has to be said that a crucial step has been taken in implementing the car toll system, but implementation cannot be expected in the foreseeable future.

Source: Press release by the ministry of transport

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