Joint venture for production of modern heat exchangers for automotive and agriculture machinery

Belarus: An opportunity to invest in production of heat exchangers with “Nocolok”® technology.

The project aims to create an enterprise that produces aluminum heat exchangers with a view to replacing foreign suppliers in Belarus. Marketing research on heat exchangers in Belarus and Russia, project feasibility, technical and economic characteristics of equipment and raw materials as well as a project business plan have already been prepared. Available infrastructure: Belarusian rail, road and electricity networks, water and gas pipelines, site (110 000 sq.m.), buildings, warehouses and logistics terminals (220 000 sq.m.).

Prospective domestic market share: 90%. Profit margin: 15.1% in 2019.

Tax, customs and other preferences are granted within Free Economic Zones. 

Executed by: Joint-Stock Company “BATE” – managing company of the Holding “Automotive components”

Value est.: EUR 10.7 million 

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